Acrylic Fabrication - Domes

We are able to fabricate acrylic domes in various sizes of diameter and colours. The domes are not only applicable for lighting purposes, it can be used for your signage too, to produce a more 3D effect and outstanding signage.  

Acrylic Fabrication - Emboss & Thermoforming

We specialize in producing bespoke and custom designed fabrications and mouldings with acrylic. We use our own techniques to thermoform and emboss the design that client's wanted, and more importantly, no minimum order quantity required.

Acrylic Standee

We are able to custom-made acrylic standee, for display or exhibition purposes, according to your designs or concepts.


We cater your need to advertise your brand at shopping malls or shop lots.

Engrave, Laser Marking & Cutting Services

From acrylic to stainless steel, engraving, laser marking & cutting services can be done on these materials and incorporated onto your signage.

Indoor Signage

We strive to integrate your signage and graphics with your interior design, too. Indoor signage can be placed in your office, representing your brand image, and giving better impression to your visitors.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is important especially for your retail business. You'll find too much competition out there. We strive to make your Outdoor signage to be outstanding amongst the other, by using our emboss technology, where nobody else can imitate yours.